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I never book more than two people in one day and always leave time in between sessions. I put all of my energy into each session and it wouldn't be fair to do more sessions than two in one day. Each actor has different essences that need to be brought out, and I want to devote all my attention to them to bring out these unique qualities.

I definitely direct the photo shoots. I trust that since you have viewed my work and like it, that's why you're shooting with me. Please put your trust in us and let us direct and make suggestions so that you get the shots you need. I'm very happy to meet with prospective clients to see if we are right for you and to answer any questions that you might have. I work very closely with many agents and managers and have no problem consulting with your agent or manager. Our goal is to get you the best possible headshots so that you can land the best role!!

Please call or email for rates. We occasionally run specials. We always offer our return clients a discount because we value and welcome back our past clients. An additional look may be added to any of our packages for $75.00 (also including hair and make-up).