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What to Expect at a Headshot Photography Shoot

When an actor arrives for their session with us, we discuss what their needs are for their photos. We are happy to suggest ideas for your casting if you don't have an agent or manager guiding you. With eighteen years of experience, we are very good at knowing someone's casting. We help you plan out your looks for the entire session in advance, as well as discuss hair and make-up for each look. I like discussing and deciding everything before we begin so that once we are shooting we don't have to be interrupted, and can just focus on getting the best photos possible for you. I find that stopping in the middle to decide on clothes interrupts the flow of the creativity of the session. It's our goal to make your session as easy as possible for you. If you'd like to bring any personal photos or magazine tear sheets with you to give us an idea of what you'd like or if you have any specific ideas (which is very helpful), we'll also discuss your ideas at that time. We also discuss backgrounds. We appreciate as much information as you'd like to give us for your session.

Once we've talked about everything then we start hair and make-up. I've worked with the same hair and make-up stylist for 10 years. It's our work together that you see in my portfolio. She's amazing and stays here during the entire session. She does hair as well as make-up (many headshot photographers use only make-up artists who have very limited ability with hair). Since my stylist is here the entire session your hair and make-up can be changed with each look. The actor has complete approval over everything she does. We won't put the actor in front of the camera unless they are completely happy with the hair, make-up and styling. I like working with my stylist as a team and she also assists during the session.

When the photographing begins, we definitely direct and make suggestions. We'll shoot each look in many different ways...headshot, vertical, horizontal, 3/4 shot or whatever else you'd like. If you don't want us to shoot in a certain style, then we won't. We love shooting to music and welcome you to bring music and snacks/lunch for yourself. We also have music if you don't wish to bring any.

Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email with any other questions you may have prior to the photo shoot.